Sabrina Kuhn is a ceramic and product designer based in Germany. During her studies
in Karlsruhe and Copenhagen she developed her interest in ceramics and in particular in
porcelain to a veritable passion.  In 2013 she founded her ceramic label KULØR under 
which she produces handmade porcelain.

I really love her work as well as the styling/photos by Studio Oink are beautifully done.

Photos Studio Oink


Via: Marie-Claire Maison
Architect: Aurelien Lespinas

Haus für Julia und Björn

Impressive wooden home, designed by Innauer-Matt Achitekten, in Austria. 
I particularly love the stairs! And what about the view….

Photographs by Adolf Bereuter

Black and White

Horse | Dress

Humanoid Summer/Spring 2015

Again a beautiful collection by Dutch Fashion label Humanoid! They are still my all time favorite brand.
Can't wait for spring!!

Photographer: Anne Dokter

De Intuïtiefabriek

SUM is a colorful collection of cups, bowls and plates where the choice of pigment, the type of finish used and all
other details are directly translated into the pricing. In this way, it gives the consumer a closer connection to the production process and, as a result, the choice to assemble a unique set of tableware.

I love the beautiful colors of every unique cup.

Photos via The Intuition Factory

Somewhere in Norway

I love the view from the living!

Source: Bo-Bedre

Ilse Crawford for IKEA

IKEA has collaborated with the British designer Ilse Crawford to launch a range of cork
and natural-fibre homeware products. The result, a beautiful collection called the SINNERLIG.

This lovely range will be available at the IKEA stores from August 2015.