The hanging garden

I'm not typically a trend follower but this one I can definitely stand behind. The hanging garden with the knotted rope!
What about you?

Photos via Skinny la Minx


Lovely idea, seen at the new site of VT Wonen, for your living! 
Use a cabinet as a room divider in your living room and decorate the cabinet with your favorite objects.

Photography: Dana van Leeuwen
Styling: Femke Pastijn


Dutch Designer Jesse Visser, developed a beautiful closet called Harold.
The designer is known for his focus on production techniques and fascination with textures and materials. 

Harold is also available in a glamorous gold edition.

Photo via Jesse Visser

Villa Birkeland

Beautiful home in Saltsjö-Boo. The place is built by owner and co-founder Anne of Birkaboo, a Swedish company providing quality homes at an affordable price.

Via Birkeboo

Monday Pics

Bag | Shirt | Girl | Trousers


Beautiful work by photographer Johanna Thompson. She has a strong interest in
portraiture and uses portraits to explore complex personal relationships between
herself and others.

Photography Johanna Thompson